🤖Dexioprotocol Weekly Update №2

4 min readNov 9, 2021


Weekly Update Introduction

Hello members of the Dexiverse!

Welcome to the second weekly update featuring the ecosystem of Dexioprotocol. In these articles, we will bring you a weekly recap that features the development status of applications, blockchain data analytics, and community event updates. If you have any further questions or inquiries, feel free to join the community Telegram at t.me/dexiochat and a moderator will be happy to assist you.

Wallet Update Release

Earlier this week, our developers released a new version of “DEXI Wallet” for iOS and Android users. This update includes the Passive Income Display (PID) and addresses other minor bug fixes. As we discussed last week, the PID aims to visually illustrate the passive earnings made by $DEXI and $DXG holders. We are striving to make DEXI Wallet the most user-friendly and safest wallet available. This is another step to this ambitious goal.

Our next stage of development will focus on bug fixes within the current wallet version and implement an NFT section of the wallet. This will enable users to collect and store NFTs within the DEXI Wallet (especially those collected on the upcoming DexiMarketplace)! More information on the NFT section of the wallet will be detailed in next week’s recap.

DexiMarketplace Development Status

“Phase 1” of the DexiMarketplace is concluding its developmental stage. This will give users all basic functionality, which includes: buying, selling and minting NFTs on the marketplace. The functionality aspect of the marketplace has been completed. The team is now working on user-interface features whilst also sourcing different artists to produce high quality NFTs for the community upon launch.

In maintaining our reputation as the most transparent team within the blockchain space, we will be releasing a marketplace-specific roadmap and address the different applications it will bridge to. The roadmap is slated to be released by the end of next week. It will include:
- How the NFTs on DexiMarketplace will have unique utility;
- The DexiMarketplace’s role in the Dexioprotocol ecosystem and the relationships to other applications in-development;
- The distinguishing and desirable aspects of the DexiMarketplace compared to other NFT marketplaces available, and;
- The strategies to be implemented for longevity and sustainability.

DXG Game Emporium Announced

The DXG Game Emporium has been announced! This exciting new release is set to be launched one week after the DexiMarketplace, on November 19th. The DXG Game Emporium will be the central hub to buy and sell all things related to the Dexioprotocol games. Dexioprotocol is creating an entire ecosystem and this separate emporium will assist in organization, marketing, and efficiency. Detailed information is being drafted and will be shared soon within the community.

Livestream with CEO (Don) and COO (Greg)

Dexioprotocol Founder and CEO, Don Reyke, and COO, Greg Gould, are descending on Lisbon, Portugal on Thursday, 11 November. Besides tackling the DexiMarketplace launch and making us all jealous by testing the Dexi Hunter app in a beautiful location, they will be spending time live with the Dexioprotocol community. At 16:00 UTC, join our YouTube channel and tune into a live broadcast featuring announcements, more details on DexiMarketplacce and DXG Game Emporium, and have the opportunity to ask your questions!

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This concludes this week’s super-ecosystem update. Remember to stay tuned on all our social media accounts and feel free to ask any questions in our community Telegram group. You will find admins, mods, and excited community members willing to answer your questions.




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