Dexioprotocol: Now Live on Polygon

Where does DEXI V2 exist now?

Dexi V2 was been deployed on Polygon Chain on September 6, 2022 and live trading on Elk Finance began on September 9, 2022. Later in September, Elk Finance will also support staking/farming services on their platform. We look forward to Elk Finance to be a great partner as we continue to expand across chains. Their swap already supports 18 chains, including Cronos, Avax, Fantom, and others that we are actively looking at. Having a single partner to point our community to for swapping and bridging services for the DEXI token is a tremendous advantage as we grow. You can read our listing announcment on the Elk Finance Medium here.

I didn’t participate in any of the early migration opportunities. How do I migrate?

Once price tracking is live on CoinGecko, a migration swap site will be made available. At the time of live migration, the tokens can be migrated to DEXI V2 on a price-based ratio: if you own $100 of DEXI, you will have $100 of DEXI V2. Based on the market movements and the obvious arbitrage opportunities becoming much larger, the migration ratio was set to a price-based ratio. This move prevents arbitrageurs from purchasing large stakes in DEXI V1 or DXG that have otherwise not been a part of the project, and then dumping those tokens on V2 at the time of live migration, thereby hurting the V2 project.

What happens to V1 and DXG.

At the time of this writing, we are still working through the remaining applicants for the early migration process and expect to have those done by September 16 for a final airdrop. More than 90% of the V1 token and 75% of DXG is out of circulation at this point. When holders migrated their remaining balances to Polygon, they’re old tokens will be burned and new Polygon tokens will be issued.

Are we still launching on Cronos? What about other EVM chains?

Absolutely! There may be some lingering questions about our previous announcement and plans to launch on Cronos, so let’s clear that up.

Wen DexiHunter?

Wen indeed. If you haven’t been keeping up on our social media, you’re really missing out on some news. The DexiHunter global release is set for September 19, 2022. The application is in review with the app stores now, making sure all the little bells and whistles comply with their guidelines. DexiHunter was the catalyst behind starting this gaming project and we are beyond thrilled to finally bring this application to the world.

Initial Distribution of Dexioprotocol V2

Total Supply: 50 million DEXI V2

Supply & Development Wallet, 35% : These wallets will fund the supply needs of the V1 holders that did not early migrate, future token listings and market making accounts, NFT token purchases for DexiHunter, and all other project needs.

Anything Else?

So much more! But let’s keep it brief and the major items:

  1. The DexiMarketplace and DXG GameEmporium are being merged into a beautiful new platform, the DexiNFTEmporium. There you will find two shops within, the DexiCreatorHub (for artists and NFT enthusiasts) and the DexiGameVault (for all your gaming asset needs). The new Emporium provides an easy place for you to manage all your DEXI NFTs under a single log-in and provides a better experience to search/filter for the NFTs you need. The shop opens up on September 12th and instructions will be provided on-site to migrate your old NFTs.

About Dexioprotocol

Our vision is a world in which blockchain technology is mainstream and vastly more people are connected by it. Our mission is to deploy products that foster blockchain and crypto adoption, ensure utility for our native token, and cultivate sustainable revenue streams for our business. We are guided by the principles of authenticity, integrity, and transparency. Everything we do is measured against that mission and those principles.



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