Dexioprotocol is moving to Cronos!

Why the Move to Cronos?

Other FAQs About Migration

  • The migration date is dependent on successful audits of all of the smart contracts associated with the migration (token contract, migration contract, marketplace contract, etc). We will NOT migrate before all the smart contracts are secure and have passed several rounds of auditing from various companies. In fact, as a token holder, YOU don’t want us to rush this either. Security is in all of our best interests. Right now we are targeting the public sale to begin in the next two weeks, but dates will change as we continue to ensure the safety and security of the smart contracts.
  • We are coordinating with the centralized exchanges and have open dialogues with each of them regarding this migration. The community will be notified in multiple ways about the final decision and strategy for each CEX.
  • Migrating to the Cronos Chain does not prevent or stop any efforts on building the Smart Dexio Network (SDN). SDN has been put through its paces on Testnet with transactions per second and security functions being primarily tested and stressed, but it’s not quite ready for go-live: we have A LOT of game development we’re prioritizing and have a great opportunity to join the CroFam for all the reasons stated above. We will still work toward investigating the benefits of building our own L1 solution, but in the meantime, we will enjoy the benefits of the EVM and IBC compatible chain that Cronos is providing.
  • Again, the date of this presale is dependent on the successful audit of all our smart contracts. We will be heavily advertising this presale once we’re ready to go. Stay tuned to our channels and you’ll be up-to-date.
  • There is no end date planned for the migration. A migration wallet will be established with tokens set aside for any remaining amount on Binance Smart Chain. There will be no 100% transaction tax, no end date on our migration swap, and no plans to prevent anyone from migrating. The beauty and curse of the anonymity of blockchain is we cannot simply email all token holders with an alert on the migration and we cannot access anyone’s wallet to do the migration for them. We are working to alert the community in as many forums as possible, but the wallet will be established for anyone to migrate when they want.
  • Be smart, be cautious, and don’t click on weird links. Anyone asking you for your seed phrase is 100% a scam every time. Anyone pretending to be from “Dexio Support” and sending you weird links (especially any that doesn’t include our official domain) is a scam. If you have any questions on a link that’s been sent to you, join one of our chats on Telegram or Discord, message us on Twitter, or send an email to to confirm the validity of your communication. You can also find all our fully doxxed identities and Telegram handles on our website. Again: be smart, be cautious.
  • No. While Cronos Chain may be affiliated with, this is in no way a suggestion or prediction that we will be listed on their exchange.
  • The team is evaluating 2–3 different DEXs for use once migrated. We will announce the decision when completed. Get your CRO ready!
  • To migrate your tokens on the BSC network, you will still need the traditional BNB gas fees to complete the migration. Once on Cronos Chain, CRO serves as the token for gas fees and will be needed for the DEX transactions thereafter.
  • We are working on the smart contract function that allows you to opt-in to migrating your NFTs to the Cronos Chain via the Marketplace website. You’ll need to have BNB to complete the migration, just like you will to migrate your tokens.

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