DEXIO rising on Ethereum

7 min readAug 15, 2023

Get ready for game launches on the Ethereum network as we move into the next phase of the Dexioprotocol journey.

Blue and white DEXIO text logo with subtext “GameFi on Ethereum”

The Ethereum network will be the home for the GameFi launches from Dexioprotocol. Why? By TVL, user count, reputation, network stability, and a multitude of other qualitative and quantitative reasons, we believe the Ethereum network is best positioned lift GameFi to new heights and our ecosystem along with it.

The Important Bits

  1. New contract address: 0xe2cfbbedbce1bd59b1b799c44282e6396d692b84
  2. New Token Name: $DEXIO
  3. Taxes: ZERO
  4. Supply: Total and maximum supply: 125,000,000. No mint or burn functions.
  5. Decentralized Exchange: Uniswap (LP launches on 15 August 2023)
  6. Pair: DEXIO / ETH
  7. Trading ends on Polygon on 14 August 2023.

The Detailed Bits

In the morning of 15 August 2023 (U.S. Eastern Time) a “snapshot” of all wallets holding DEXI (matic), DEXI (kava), and DGV will occur after swapping has been discontinued on Elk Finance. An airdrop of the new DEXIO token on Ethereum will be sent to wallets included in that snapshot. The migration ratio for each token is as follows:

  1. DEXI (matic): DEXIO — 1:1
  2. DEXI (kava): DEXIO — 1:1
  3. DGV:DEXIO — 1:10

Supply was increased to 125 million to facilitate the migration of all three tokens. Mint and burn are not on the new contract. Maximum and total supply will always remain at 125,000,000.

What do you need to do to migrate? The short answer is nothing. Unlike the last migration, there is no early migration, no swapping site, and no need to connect your wallet to any site. WATCH OUT FOR SCAMMERS!

The DEXIO token will be airdropped to your wallet. The only action you need to take is adding the new contract address to your TrustWallet, MetaMask wallet, or any non-custodial wallet you use. Remember to select the Ethereum network (decimals = 18).

If you have staked DEXI or DGV, there is one additional step. The staking on both and has been broken and all users may claim their DEXIs and DGVs regardless of lock period by selecting the “unstake” feature and the appropriate time period in which tokens were locked. Tokens needs to be unstaked and in your wallets to be appropriately captured in the snapshot. Miss unstaking your tokens in time for the first snapshot? No worries. More than one snapshot will occur to capture these activities.

What if your tokens are stuck on LBank and MEXC? Firstly, let’s remind everyone that holding tokens in an centralized exchange means you don’t actually hold your tokens. These exchanges offer great means for on- and off-boarding assets, but #NotYourKeysNotYourCrypto. Secondly, per the user agreements of both exchanges, after they provided users adequate time to remove their tokens from the exchange, the users essentially forfeit their rights. We blacklisted these hot wallets until this migration was set and we could ensure neither could dump the tokens on Elk. Now that trading as paused, we have un-blacklisted the wallets. It is now up to both exchanges to allow withdrawals again. If/when these assets have been transferred to your non-custodial wallets, we can migrate these to DEXIO.

Three overlapping circles with the DEXI logo in the middle and the Uniswap and Ethereum logos behind on each side.

How / when does trading begin? The LP will be migrated to a DEXIO/ETH pair using Uniswap V3 as the decentralized exchange of choice. Elk has been a great partner and has been an absolute wonderful set of friends. Uniswap, however, boasts the volume, user counts and the primary choice of DEX from our Dexioprotocol community. Trading will begin on 15 August 2023 and the direct link to the pair will be made available once funded. Don’t forget to download the Uniswap app on both iOS and Android for another swapping experience.

Staking. An entirely new staking platform as been created at By staking your DEXIO, you’ll be issued DXVOT (similar to how staking DGV worked previously) which allows you to vote for project-related initiatives in the future. In consideration of the higher gas fees on Ethereum, the APRs have been increased to compensate. Two staking time periods have been created.

  1. 30-day: 10%
  2. 180 day: 20%

Introducing GeoQuest AR. DexiHunter has been re-branded! Along with a new user interface to be released into public beta at the end of August, it will launch with a new name. The UI changes and re-branding comes after much consultation with external branding/PR professionals and debate within the Dexioprotocol team. Huge thanks to our all current beta testers for their excellent feedback and we look forward to sharing the new experience with all. GeoQuest AR will NOT be using NFTs in-game. You will be able to collect and redeem NFTs using your DexiCash (either earned or purchased) but DexiBadges will be converted into non-NFT assets.

DexiDragons exiting beta. Another expression of gratitude to our dedicated Dragons beta testers. You’re feedback has been instrumental in the creation of the best mobile blockchain game to hit the market (we may be a little biased). The app will be submitted for final acceptance into the iOS and Android stores this month and final launch date will be announced shortly after. We will be issuing a new set of NFTs for Dragons on ETH in the coming weeks to align with the launch of Dragons in the AppStore and PlayStore.

DexiCash — New DEXIO utility. Much anticipated and requested, DEXIO may be used to purchase DexiCash for a 25% discount compared to fiat purchases. DexiCash will still continue to be used to purchase in-game items, can be earned in-game, and BRAND NEW, is the sole currency to redeem both blockchain and non-blockchain rewards discovered in GeoQuest.

New Collaboration with Altura. We have partnered with Altura and deployed a new NFT marketplace and using their backend services. ALL NFTs that were minted prior to the move to ETH will be made into collectibles (this means all in-game assets for Knights, Hunter, and Dragons as well as all “art” made on the old DexiMarketplace and the new Dexi CreatorHub) and can be traded on their platform.

Other Bits

We are eliminating the following products in light of changes made to the ecosystem, feedback from community and external consultants, and generally maximizing our efforts where it counts.

  • Reward Redemptions (only DexiCash will be used for crypto and non-crypto redemptions)
  • DexiKnights (it had a good run but is not going to take off the way Dragons and GeoQuest AR will)
  • The DexiDAO (this is an unnecessary step now that we have made other adjustments)
  • The wallet and swap continue to be eliminated from the product line

The following products are being placed on hold indefinitely:

  • The Smart Dexio Network — Not a critical component in our near term strategic roadmap
  • DexiCarnival, DexiRacer, and Legends of the DexiVerse (this is actually a project that another team has taken over and will likely be integrated into our community and products as they develop their game)

Wen listing? The short answer is that unless Coinbase, Binance, or Kraken come knocking, it’s not even a concern of ours. The long answer is that over nearly two years, our team and the community have watched exchange-initiated arbitrage, the Dexio-provided supply tokens to these exchanges being dumped on DEX requiring our confrontation with those teams, exchange-controlled bots manipulating the price to take profits any time there is price appreciation, requirements of wash trading to not only mislead investors but also drain our assets to provide them their buy/sell transactions fees, and countless other manipulative and abusive tactics. Please notice that after the team stood ground and dared to be delisted rather than play the game, we have experienced tremendous gains in organic volume and price actions. Our principles haven’t changed and it’s in the project’s best interest to not introduce counterparty risk into our ethics, liquidity, or ecosystem.

Final Bits

This next step in the Dexioprotocol evolution is the most exciting yet. Remember, if you’re here, you’re early. The greatest is yet to come. Join us on Telegram if you have any questions and ALWAYS remember to protect your seedphrase/private key. Anyone asking is not a member of our team and has no reason to ask other than to steal your assets. Finally, don’t forget to add the new contract address to your preferred wallet and we’ll see you on Ethereum!




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