DexiKnights Has Arrived!

6 min readMay 17, 2022

After several months of beta testing and great feedback from our community, we are pleased to announced the full release of DexiKnights. The full release includes the player-vs-player (PVP) mechanics, the play-to-earn features, and the match making rating (MMR) system used to set the leaderboard standings. It also marks Dexioprotocol’s official entrance into Play-to-Earn in a uniquely sustainable fashion. Greg Gould, Chief Operating Officer for Dexioprotocol provided the following statement on the achievement:

“I believe this is the most sustainable, sophisticated, and remarkable gaming ecosystem I’ve ever heard of in crypto and certainly extremely competitive with things going with the non-crypto gaming world. Again, our mission is to bring new people into crypto. Games from Dexioprotocol like DexiKnights are fulfilling that mission.”

About DexiKnights

DexiKnights is a competitive PVP “hack-and-slash” arcade-style game inviting players to participate three different game modes to earn both blockchain and non-blockchain assets through gameplay. Further making the game unique is the use of upgradeable NFTs that players can choose to purchase from the DXG GameEmporium, level up through gameplay, and resell for profit to other players.

There are three game modes for any kind of gamer to enjoy:

  1. Dungeons: This mode is free to play, free to enter, with or without a wallet connected. In this game mode, players can grind out DexiCash, a non-blockchain asset used for entrance into PVP leaderboards and used throughout the Dexioprotocol ecosystem for rewards and purchase of non-blockchain gaming assets. Upon completing a dungeon, players are presented with a prize wheel that can double or triple the DexiCash already won in that dungeon, or non-blockchain items like weapons, cosmetics, borders for your avatar, cross-game items for your inventory (like an item for the upcoming DexiDragons). These non-blockchain items have different attributes, but will always be less powerful than the NFT weapons found on the Emporium.
  2. Endless Mode: In this event, Knights enter an arena and fight endless waves of enemies and fight to stay alive as long as possible. No prizes are awarded in this game mode but is offered as a mode of convenience. This gameplay provides players an excellent way to grind out kills and level up their weapons for resell or for a better advantage in PVP or Dungeons mode.
  3. PVP mode: As the name suggests, PVP is the fighting ground for players to go against each other, in a live battle. The PVP will be locked for entry once Season 1 begins (more details on seasons below). In order to enter, and fight in the PVP Arenas, you will have to spend 1000 DexiCash per match (available for purchase or found in Dungeons mode) OR you can purchase one of two Battle Passes for additional opportunities for entry (more details below). PVP leaderboards are based on the MMR system. Winning or losing a match adds or deducts a certain number of points against the leaderboard based on each player’s MMR standing, the outcome of the each fight, and a variety of other in-match factors.

Battle Passes

Battle Passes will be sold as an NFT on the Emporium. Purchase of this pass allows players to enter the PVP arena once every 30 minutes for free. The NFT also allows gamers to skip the timer for a discounted rate of 250 DexiCash instead of standard 1000 entry fee.

  1. The Battle Pass is valid the whole season, start to finish, and is used for only one season.
  2. The Battle Pass may include special cosmetics, skins, items and more.
  3. The Battle Pass will have one more edition — Ultimate Battle Pass. This item will also be auctioned as an NFT, and will be a bit more expensive, but it will grant Knights unlimited free entry inside of the PVP Arenas. Players that will get the Ultimate Battle Pass will be able to enter the PVP Arenas as much as they want, for free, therefore climb the leaderboard much faster.
  4. Battle Passes can be resold as an NFT item on the Emporium to other players.

Prize Pools

Three MMR leaderboards will be in effect for PVP players to fight their way to the top and earn DXG.

The top 25% of each leaderboard will be eligible for PVP rewards as follows:

  1. Top 5% of players will evenly split 50% of the prize pool.
  2. Top 6–15% of players will evenly split 35% of the prize pool.
  3. Top 16–25% of players will evenly split 15% of the prize pool.

Leaderboards begin on June 1st. The Season 1 MMR will run through November 30th and features a $10,000 DXG prize pool. The Monthly MMR will also being on June 1, running through June 30, and sports a $3,000 DXG prize pool. Finally, the Weekly MMR will begin on June 6th with a $1,000 DXG prize pool


Sustainability and scalability has been a long-standing problem plaguing many Play-to-Earn projects. The industry has seen many projects collapse under the weight themselves by not creating a sustainable economy, or has set up economies where only those who entered early or have more resources are the only ones favored to benefit. Both of these outcomes are the antithesis of what Dexioprotocol sets out to do.

The gaming ecosystem Dexioprotocol has built encourages the cyclical flow of resources between players and project, creating a sustainable economic model: revenue comes into the project in the form of DXG, the sale of NFTs and via the transactions processed in-game then circulated outward to players as part of the prize pools. It’s a balance of supply & demand. The purpose is to ensure the market is not flooded with DXG, thereby diluting the value of the token, and also having resources in place to ensure players are properly rewarded for their efforts. Because the number of gamers playing is an unknown variable, the model will be based on percentages to guarantee we have the rewards available regardless of how many people are playing. Funded by Dexioprotocol and by the collective community, the ecosystem is self-sustainable.

Further, as the player base grows, the model is in a position to scale and offer more to the prize pools. In addition, we can partner with other crypto projects or outside sponsors to support the pools. How does this benefit both projects? They end up with more holders and we end up with more players participating in the economy. Again, sustainability.

Dexioprotocol is entering its new epoch as a gaming company, both on- and off-blockchain, and has many games in development to achieve its mission to make blockchain mainstream and connect infinitely more people through it. Ovi Sanz, Chief of Game Development, experienced this firsthand as an active gamer and experienced game designer:

“As someone brand new to crypto, learning about it through gaming was a fun experience. That’s what I want to bring to the table for the gamers out there who are interested in getting involved in blockchain but have not yet been pushed to do so yet or have not found a way that speaks to them personally. I think DexiKnights and the other games in development now provide a very fun and fair way to do that.”

Download DexiKnights today via the app and get ready for Season 1 to kick off June 1.




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